After Hours Care

Please note that medication refills can always be done by calling your pharmacy and requesting prescriptions to be faxed to our office.after hours

You can always call our office to speak with a nurse or physician directly if you have a serious concern. Please consider email for non-urgent issues or life style questions.

After hours care options include:

  1. For minor health concerns after hours please call Telehealth Ontario to speak with a Registered Nurse – 24 Hours a day, 7 days a Week.
  2. For mental health concerns or crisis, please call St. Leonard’s 24 Hour Crisis Line:
    519-759-7188 or 1-866-811-7188
  3. For poisoning please call Ontario Poison Centre:
  4. AFTER HOURS CLINIC is available daily for rostered patients at 217 Terrace Hill Street, Unit 124, Brantford (**NEW LOCATION AS OF APRIL 1, 2019**) across Brantford General Hospital
    • Monday – Friday 5pm-8pm,
    • Sat – Sun 10am-1pm.

    Please note that After hours clinic is for simple, non-emergency problems such as sore throats, coughs, colds, ear infections, cuts and bruises, strains and sprains and NOT for medication refills or dealing with long standing problems. Physicians at the clinic DO NOT refill narcotics or pain medications. Please always bring your health card with you.
  5. For minor emergencies please go to:
    Willett Urgent care in Paris
    238 Grand River St. North, Paris, ON N3L 2N7
    Phone: 519-442-2251
  6. For serious emergencies please go to:
    Brantford General Hospital Emergency Department
    200 Terrace Hill Street, Brantford, ON N3R 1G9
    For emergencies, call 911
    For all other questions, call 519-752-7871
  7. McMaster Medical Centre Emergency Department
    For children 17 and under
    1200 Main St. West, Hamilton, ON L8N 3Z5

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Please AVOID using other walk-in clinics, including college or university affiliated health clinics. Your physician will be penalized by the Ministry of Health. In addition we don’t receive any information or records on the care provided in walk-in clinics. Keeping all your medical information in one location will enable us to provide better health care for you and your family.

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